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Windsinger chimes resonate much longer than
any other chimes, producing enduring harmonies
that are beyond compare ...

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Fashioned after the original designs of Stephen Burnam, our Windsinger range of wind chimes chimes is boldly elegant, the sound is irresistibly beautiful and the resonance is breathtaking. Made from extra thick-walled, specially suspended aluminum tubes, these chimes resonate much longer than any other chimes, producing enduring harmonies that are beyond compare. All are tuned to modes of an ancient Chinese pentatonic scale. Woodstock Chimes® are the original precision-tuned wind chimes. Created by professional musician and instrument designer Garry Kvistad, they are unique musical instruments designed to create enduring harmonies in the slightest breeze. Each Woodstock Wind Chime is tuned using a computerized tuning process which produces incredibly beautiful tones. The tuning process incorporates techniques that allow each chime to vibrate in a musical interval to neighboring chime tubes. Like a finely tuned musical instrument, this process produces melodic sound that just can't be compared to any other Wind Chime on the market! Woodstock Wind Chimes are unique in that many models are tuned to create the flavour and musical atmosphere of countries and cultures from around the world. Woodstock Wind Chimes find inspiration from Bali, Bavaria, Tuscany, Java, Jerusalem, Europe, Asia, and many other exotic destinations. Each Wind Chime is produced from the finest materials and assembled by craftsman who take pride in the fact that they are creating the worlds finest Wind Chimes available anywhere in the world.
Windsinger Chimes of ATHENA - BLACK
While all Windsinger chimes are lower registers, the Athena chimes have the highest tone of the Windsinger series. All are tuned to modes of an ancient Chinese pentatonic scale.
6 mat black tubes, Length: 44"
enlarge image. sound sample
£ 116.00

Windsinger Chimes of ORPHEUS - BLACK
The Chimes of Orpheus are as dramatic to look at as they are to hear.
6 mat black tubes, Length: 54"
enlarge image. sound sample
£ 152.00

Windsinger Chimes of APOLLO - BLACK
The Chimes of Apollo have a wonderfully restful low tone.
6 mat black tubes, Length: 74"
enlarge image. sound sample
£ 259.00

Windsinger Chimes of KING DAVID - BLACK
The ultimate in relaxation, the King David Chime seems to resonate forever!
6 mat black tubes, Length: 88"
enlarge image. sound sample
£ 495.00

The lengths of our windchimes specified above are the overall lengths, as shown here on the right:

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