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If you wish to create restaurant quality foot at home, you will need to need to use the similar techniques, and this also usually means using similar equipment. Many people who look closely at a professional kitchen for the first time are surprised that the equipment used in them is often so much better than equipment generally on sale to members of the public. Our Top-10 range shown here will enable you to turn your work top into a professional kitchen. These are professional utensils that our expert considers potential "game-changers" for budding amateur chefs. What's more, in many cases, these are products that can last a lifetime, which is a heartening thought in these days of rising environmental awareness. So, whether you are seeking to raise your own level of cooking, or looking for a gift for someone who loves good food, we are sure you will not be disapponted with the exceptional products shown below:

  No. 1 Cook's Knife ... because yes, size DOES matter!

Look into virtually every kitchen drawer and you are highly unlikely to find a decent chopping knife. If you do find one, it will almost certainly be too short. The minimum blade length you need to chop away like a real chef if 250mm, and 300mm is even better, but these professional sizes are not easy to find. The cook's knife is the most important knife in the kitchen, but sadly too often overlooked. The two "true" Sabatier professional knives we have selected are designed to last a lifetime! full professional knife range

  £ 49.00

  No. 2 Chinois ... turns "gravy" into a professional sauce!

The next time you make your gravy to for your Sunday roast, just pass it through this chinois before pouring it into the gravy boat - and watch your family's reaction when they pour it onto their plate! As you learn to make the most of your chinois, you will understand that you really do need this utensil for making a whole variety of professional dishes, not just the best gravy on your roast! more info

  £ 69.95

  No. 3 Lyonnaise Frypan 28cm ... to last a lifetime (yes, really!)

This professional pan, not usually available to members of the public, comes from de Buyer's top-of-the-range Carbone-Plus restaurant range, designed to last a lifetime. Generally, no soap or water is used to clean these frypans. If necessary, you can sprinkle some table salt into the pan before wiping to enhance the abrasion effect. If you ask for a Steak in a French restaurant, this is more than likely the pan it will be cooked in. Also, perfect for fish too. more info

  £ 37.95

  No. 4 Sommelier Laguiole 13cm ... a French classic

There are many bottle-openers, corkscrews and waiter's friends available these days, but go into a top Parisian restaurant and more than likely, the head sommelier will be using a Laguiole, pronounced "la-ghi-yoll", to open your wine bottle, just like the classic olive wood model shown here. The unrivalled quality of these bottle openers is legendary among serious oenologists. Owing to their elegant, distinctive lines, as well as fine craftsmanship and expensive materials, they are recognised as a design classic. more info

  £ 89.95

  No. 5 Preparation Bowls ... because good cooking starts with good preparation!

These bowls are standard items in most professional kitchens and are so much better than the poor quality versions usually on offer. When peeling and preparing vegetables, a chef will often fill the 30cm bowl for the peelings - when the bowl is full, it is emptied, rinsed, and can be re-used straight away to store the chopped vegetables until they are needed for cooking. These bowls are also used for mixing and blending ingredients, including pastry, and for whisking. Made from 0.8mm-1mm thick rust-free stainless steel so will not normally deform, even in the toughest working environment - in fact, they should last a lifetime. enlarge image

  £ 22.95

  No. 6 Roasting Pan ... it'll be the only one you will ever need to buy!

These professional roasting pans ensure you can make the best gravy sauce by taking advantage of the roasting juices - with their robust form and high sides, they perfect for browning meat and vegetables and adding liquid to the caramelised residue to make sauces. There are traditional French roasting pans, for use in the oven or on top, and for serving. These are just so much better than the usual roasting pans aimed at domestic users. more info

  £ 88.00

  No. 7 Moulin à Légumes ... mashed potato will never taste the same again!

This stainless steel vegetable mill is a standard item in professional kitchens. It is perfect for making purees, and will turn your boiled potatoes into the best mashed potato you have ever tasted. Also great for making tomato sauces. Use the fine disc for homemade jellies, creamy sauces and baby food, the medium disc for vegetable soups, apple sauce, mashed potato, and the coarse disc for tomato pizza toppings and chunkier sauces. Our food mill has a convenient release mechanism that makes it easy to exchange discs and disassemble for storage. Three legs hold the Food Mill securely over bowls and saucepans, keeping it out of your food. more info

  £ 39.95

  No. 8 Sauté Pan - large 28cm ... you need this to make sauces!

This professional-quality stainless steel sauté frypan is perfect for browning meat and vegetables and adding liquid to the caramelised residue to make sauces. Few domestic pans are really suited for this restaurant-style of cooking. The straight-sides allow quick browning of food without condensation, giving improved caramelization of the juices. The rim of this pan is specially rounded in such a way that pouring is very straight forward. The stainless steel handle is welded, so it will never come loose, and its tubular form ensures that it stays cool. This is a generously-sized heavyweight pan that can also be put in the oven. more info

  £ 74.00

  No. 9 Mortar & Pestle ... so difficult to find a good one!

We have looked far and wide for a Mortar & Pestle that we can really recommend - too often we have found poor-quality versions that either grind themselves as well as their contents, or stain easily and are not very durable, or even don't grind properly! At last, however, we have uncovered a mortar and pestle set that we are very proud to recommend. The Mason Cash Mortar & Pestle is the simplest and best way of grinding and crushing herbs and spices. It is a classic design that is based on the original high-quality models produced over 200 years ago.more info

  £ 24.95

  No. 10 Knife Sharpener ... long enough to actually be useful!

Keeping your knives sharp is essential if you wish to achieve good results. Typically, a chef will sharpen knives prior to eash cooking session. As in the case of the Cook's Knife above, sharpening steels in domestic kitchens are almost always too short (usually 200mm), making them almost impossible to use effectively, as the blade does not get a even grinding on its way down the steel. Professional chef's use steels that have a 300mm sharpener, and this makes the world of a difference. Six downstrokes on this large-sized sharpening steel is usually all that is to maintain sharpness. more info

  £ 54.00

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